Samsung Is Middle East’s Most Popular Mobile Brand

Data continues to show that smartphones and mobility is still top of mind for the digital industry. In 2017, almost 70 percent of people living in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) browse the web on their mobile. In its latest Middle East Mobile Report 2017, Effective Measure found that Samsung is the most popular mobile brand in the region, followed by Apple.

“We started this research because we know professionally and personally how integrated mobile phones are in our lives. What we don’t really know is how people in MENA in particular use their smartphones. These insights highlight how those in MENA are changing as consumers,” said Matthew Robarts, MENA MD, Effective Measure.

Some of the key findings of the report include:

#1. Samsung is the dominant manufacturer in the Middle East with 38 percent market share according to respondents, while 8 percent reported using ‘other’ brands than the established manufacturers.
#2. A greater number of younger respondents (aged 15-29) reported owning Apple mobile devices (20 percent) instead
of Samsung (16 percent).
#3. 65 percent of respondents spend more than 2 hours a day on 10 their mobile devices, with 35 percent saying they use their mobile devices for 5+ hours a day on average.
#4. According to respondents, the three most popular types of content read on mobile devices are news (15 percent), sport (12 percent) & technology (7 percent). 4 percent of respondents reported not reading content on mobile devices at all.
#5. 44 percent of respondents reported never having made a purchase on a mobile device.

The 2017 Mobile in the Middle East Report offers a unique insight into how consumers are using their mobiles, keeping you up to date with their changing habits and preferences. For this report, Effective Measure surveyed 2,796 mobile internet users in the Middle East from May to July 2017.

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