Shifting Focus To Omnichannel, Geometry Global Rebrands

Geometry Global, a brand experience agency operating regionally in Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut, KSA and Egypt – among 56 markets worldwide – has donned a new brand identity reflecting the changes it has undergone since launching in 2013.

“A lot has changed in five years. Our world has become more digitized and fractured, and brands are thinking more about how to optimize their sales in an omnichannel world. Geometry has evolved to meet these needs, and our new branding is a reflection of this evolution. It says we are a modern, omnichannel agency – a diverse, curious, fun company that is confident and ambitious for the future,” said Steve Harding, Global CEO.

The new identity was created in-house by the Geometry team in Hamburg, Germany. It includes a new logo word mark and monogram, a new color palette and a set of symbols that aim to represent diverse disciplines and expertise coming together to solve problems. A new website will also be launched in the coming months.

“This new look reflects our confidence and aims to capture the magic of the geometric world and bring to life the beauty inherent in it. We have moved away from the defined, rigid representation of our past to a more fluid, curved, organic identity that is representative of our future,” said Global Chief Creative Officer, Jon Hamm.

Geometry’s first Middle East & Africa (MEA) office opened in Dubai in 2014 to help brands optimize their marketing and sales in a rapidly evolving regional market.

“Our rebrand and refocus on omnichannel services coincides with a notable shift in shopper habits across much of the MEA region. The physical retail experience is still attractive to many here, but as more people choose to purchase online, brands must transfer the quality of the experience across new digital touchpoints,” commented Nick Walsh, General Manager of Geometry Dubai.

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