SyndiGate Launches Digital Content Marketplace For MENA

Jordan based content marketing agency, SyndiGate, has launched a digital content marketplace where buyers can access, search for, and acquire license to use or republish content.

The platform, Disco, combines proprietary technology with journalism and is designed as a tool for publishers, broadcasters and brands in the Middle East who are looking for multilingual content.

Named after the Latin verb of the same name, Disco includes content formats such as articles, broadcast news, editorial videos, features, illustrations, interviews, images and infographics, among others.

“Most news and press publishers, broadcasters and now even brands, rely on using third party, syndicated content, which is generally sourced from a limited number of news agencies and image libraries. Disco offers content buyers a more diverse range of super-premium, multilingual content, all from a single, trusted platform. We don’t believe in locking our clients into annual license fees – a legacy model that favors the content provider, and one Disco intends to disrupt,” said Mark Gatty Saunt, Co-Founder and Director of Content Sales and Licensing at SyndiGate.

Initially targeting content buyers in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, Disco is available worldwide and supports content – and searching for content – in multiple languages.

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