TBWA\RAAD Brings ‘LiveBosses’ To Middle East

After its successful launch in France, TBWA\RAAD is now expanding its new service ‘Livebosses’ in the Middle East. The service provides CEOs and business leaders an online voice to effectively communicate to employees and other stakeholders.

We all acknowledge the fundamental role of communication when it comes to human relations and business, particularly during times of adversity. Unlike any other crisis, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, rapidly taking control of our health, our businesses and our lives, imposing a new reality upon all mankind. As people have been forced apart physically, human exchange has become more significant than ever.

Livebosses provides strategic guidance for CEOs and executives to effectively communicate through social media about their company, their initiatives, social responsibilities and leadership.

Many CEOs and leaders use internal communications channels such as emails, company video broadcasts, or intranets. However, a recent study from The Brunswick Group found that 80% of employees expect to hear from their CEO through social media.

A study conducted the past week by the Livebosses team on CEOs communication in the United Arab Emirates found that 76% of CEOs have increased their post frequency on social media during COVID-19. While there has been a general increase of 32% in post frequency, the average business leader posts less than twice per month in the COVID-19 era. Although many CEOs have moved to social media to communicate during the crisis, the frequency of communication is still far too low to establish a beneficial and significant engagement with all stakeholders.

Dan Leach, General Manager for Eleven PR at TBWA\RAAD who is leading Livebosses for the Middle East said, “COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for every business and business leader. More than ever, CEOs should be using social platforms to communicate regularly and concisely, both internally and externally, to build confidence, and eliminate confusion, frustration and chaos. Livebosses provides CEOs and senior executives with the data, strategy guidance and creativity to elevate their professional social media presence and connect with their employees in a meaningful way.”

Leading the Livebosses unit globally, Nicolas Bordas, Vice President International at TBWA added, “People want to hear from their employers in turbulent times, and not just through traditional internal communications channels. CEOs are seen as the most credible sources of information but not enough of them are using their voice. It is extremely important for leaders to not ‘go dark’ in crisis.”

Livebosses goes beyond crisis and issues management. It can be used to inspire collaborators, engage clients, interact with stakeholders and market influencers, connect with the media, respond to customers, promote their company’s vision and innovations, and more.

Livebosses is a three-months training programme that includes an analysis of CEO social media presence, a personal presence scorecard for senior leaders, message development, editorial planning and training.