Twitter Goes All Out To Increase Transparency In Ads

Twitter has taken a slew of steps to increase transparency for all ads on the platform, including political ads and issue-based ads. It will also be improving controls for its customers and adopting stricter advertising policies.

In the coming weeks, Twitter will launch a transparency center that will offer everyone visibility into who is advertising on Twitter, details behind those ads, and tools to share feedback. The Transparency Center will show all ads that are currently running on Twitter, including Promoted-Only ads with several details including why an ad is received by an individual user.

People can also report inappropriate ads or give negative feedback for every ad running on Twitter, whether the ad targets the person or not. This is in place to timely remove inappropriate ads.

Twitter has Political or electioneering ads as those that clearly identify a candidate or party associated with that candidate for any elected office. Electioneering advertisers will now be required to identify their campaigns. Twitter will also change the look and feel of these ads and include a visual political ad indicator. Additionally, Twitter is updating its policies for electioneering advertisers to include stricter requirements.

“We are also committed to stricter policies and transparency around issue-based ads. There is currently no clear industry definition for issue-based ads but we will work with our peer companies, other industry leaders, policy makers, and ad partners to clearly define them quickly and integrate them into the new approach mentioned above,” explained a company post.

These updates will initiate in the U.S., and then be rolled out globally.

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