A Unified Inbox for Businesses On Facebook

Facebook has now made it possible for businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so that they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place, with an updated inbox.

A Single Inbox For All Three Channels
With the single Inbox, users can now manage business communications across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, within a single app. Users can reply to Facebook comments, visitor posts, reviews, messages and Instagram comments directly from the updated inbox by tapping on the content you want to answer.

Early testers of the updated inbox say it has allowed them to streamline their workflow and save time. Nicole Chase, admin of Nicssential Oils Silver says, “The new and improved inbox gives me a quick snapshot of all media channels in an organized and succinct way. It cuts down the time I spend on administrative tasks by around 12%, and it allows me to provide more detailed and personalized service.”

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