Unilever Asks For #AMinuteOfGoodness This Ramadan

How long do you think it takes to do something meaningful and good for someone else? With this thought, Unilever’s Lipton along with FP7/DXB created a video to encourage people to take a minute and do something good this Ramadan.

Inspired by social experiments, Lipton and the creative agency got together to make people realize that it only takes a minute to do something good, about the same time brewing a cup of tea.

The video begins with how a friend, a father, husband, an employer become so busy in daily lives, that they miss out on telling their loved and closed ones how special they are to them. It encourages them to take a minute and do something about it and then asked them how they felt.

With #aminuteofgoodness, the brand is aiming to crowdsource 1,000,000 stories of good deeds and acts by people and create a more personally fulfilling Ramadan for people.

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