What Made STC’s SAWA Ramadan Twitter Campaign Unique

STC launched the new identity of its SAWA prepaid service with a refreshed look and feel by producing a hero video that features various themes depicting the energy of the Saudi youth. Under the hashtag #جيل_سوا_أقوى (SAWA’s Generation is Stronger), STC launched a live campaign on Twitter that unveiled the video through a first-of-its-kind mechanism on Twitter: Heart-to-unveil.

In line with the brand name ‘SAWA’ , which means ‘together’, the objective was to empower youth by having them collectively reveal the revamped identity. The campaign rolled out in three phases to give people a chance to experience the playfulness of SAWA’s new identity and positioning on Twitter.

The campaign generated 52 million impressions and more than 4 million video views on Twitter.

This is how it worked

Phase 1: Tease
A live campaign was rolled out during the first two phases of the launch. In the first phase, a short video loop enticed people to heart (i.e. like) the Twitter live stream to reach 15,000 hearts.

Phase 2: Launch
Once people tapped on the stream, it showcased a preview of the hero video with a level bar on top that reads the following in real time: ورونا جيل القوة! خلينا نوصل 15000 لايك (Show us the power of your generation! Let’s reach 15,000 likes):

Within a few hours, it reached the target of 15,000 hearts and the full hero video was unveiled with a message on the loading bar that changed to:  مبروك جيل القوة! أنتم قدها (Congratulations to the powerful generation! You’re capable of the best):

Phase 3: Sustain
Once the full video was unveiled, the replay of the stream including the full looping video was promoted on Twitter targeting SAWA’s audience.

Shortly after, STC released the video through a Promoted Video campaign on Twitter.

We always strive to find innovative ways to engage consumers in authentically and contextually relevant ways. This Ramadan using Twitter world-first mechanic; heart-to-unveil allowed us to depict the energy of the Saudi youth by having them collectively reveal the SAWA new identity “celebrating the power of youth”, their engagement was beyond expectations,” said Ahmed Al-Sahhaf, GM, Consumer Marketing Communication.

Stephanie Terroir, Head of Brand Strategy, MENA, Twitter added, “The unique custom execution that was developed for this particular STC campaign was a world first activation for us at Twitter, befitting of a big identity unveiling. We’re happy to have been entrusted by STC to bring such a prototype to life that was developed by our Creative Technologists in the UK.”

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