Epica Awards Launches ‘Cheeky’ Campaign

EPICA - SP - 05

In a bid to go all out in making its mark, the Epica Awards has embarked on an advertising campaign, created by Paris-based agency Altmann+Pacreau.

The press and banner campaign stresses the fact that Epica is judged by journalists and is therefore the most objective competition in the awards landscape. The campaign shows famous creatives on juries receiving cheerful texts from ‘friends’ in the industry, which are actually thinly disguised begging requests for votes.

“There are so many awards competitions these days that we had to find the right message to stand out. Luckily Epica, as far as I know, is the only award judged by journalists. Not creatives. Something which could appear as a lack of credibility was in fact for us a competitive advantage – because the jury can be totally objective. No one in the room is involved in the work or needs to promote their own agency. When you serve on a jury you receive lots of ‘friendly’ messages, trying to find out what’s going on and putting a gentle pressure on your judgement. So we built on this insight to promote Epica, one of the few worldwide awards that most agencies support specifically because of its singularity,” said Olivier Altmann, Co-founder, Altmann+Pacreau.

Although it has a unique model, Epica counts in the big annual rankings of the most-awarded campaigns. It is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, with a creative conference and ceremony in Amsterdam on November 17. The campaign will run from September across Epica’s jury network of magazines and websites.

The Epica Awards officially kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations recently where the campaign was launched.

Additionally, Epica has introduced two new categories this year: Events (previously part of PR) and Brand Identity. It has also divided the Branded Content & Entertainment category into four: Films & Series; Branded Games; Native Advertising and Product & Brand Integration.

“We’re delighted to return to Amsterdam after our successful visit two years ago because it represents creative excellence, with a large number of outstanding agencies,” stated Mark Tungate, Editorial Director, Epica.

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