Less Than 10% On Netflix In MENA

Netflix caused a flurry of discussion when it announced third quarter results that exceeded both its own, and analysts’, expectations. However, Netflix’s success in more obvious certain markets. For regions such as the Middle East and North Africa, there is still significant growth potential it… Read More

60% Onliners Share Videos

Practically all internet users are now watching video clips online on a monthly basis. However, the majority of these viewers are not just passively engaging with online video content. In fact, it’s now six in 10 online adults who are uploading or sharing videos online,… Read More

93% Millennials Visit YouTube

Facebook might be the number one platform for all the generations when it comes to membership, but for visitation rates YouTube leapfrogs into top position — the result of many YouTube visitors either not being logged into their accounts, or not being members in the… Read More