Access Influence New Tool Amplifies Brands, Reward Consumers

Dubai-based Access Influence has launched an all-new digital platform that connects brands with its loyal consumers, offering scalable opportunities in word of mouth marketing that is among the leading consumer purchase intent drivers. Not only does the platform reward consumers for sharing experiences about brands they relate to, it also allows brands to give back to consumers and increase their market exposure.

With diverse FMCG experience from across the region, Nour El Chaar, CEO and Founder, Access Influence, has a clear passion for technology, having set up a digital agency in 2015.

He said, “Working with some of the world’s biggest brands, I have understood the true value of word of mouth marketing. Spending money on advertising is becoming less and less effective due to general ad blindness. Companies, regardless of size, stand to make the most of their marketing budgets by rewarding passionate advocates and growing with them in a market environment where trust in brands is low. Overall, by creating real conversations within relevant communities, the overall authenticity of the brand is elevated, while influencing purchase decisions among more like-minded and trusted consumers such as friends, family members and peer-groups. In today’s gig-economy, consumers who become brand advocates also benefit commercially from working with brands they already love.”

Access Influence’s solution is being introduced at a time when despite large budgets being spent on push media, there is very low content engagement and subsequently even lower consumer action.

Brands can sign up to the new platform for free, where they are able to create their own briefs, and track their campaigns. Briefs can be self-created by the brand or open to influencers for their own creative submissions.

Brands can preview proposed content, customers, and estimated results even before fully committing to the program.

Prospective influencers must link their social media accounts to the application. Users who sign up are vetted by a quality control process, analyzing the eligibility of the brand advocate by eliminating influencers displaying illegal, offensive content, having fake followers or followers not in target country – or simply not compatible with the campaign’s direction.

The influencers will further be segmented by age, gender, and location to ensure the most effective reach.

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