CES 2017: Nissan’s Innovation To Excite Carlovers

The date is set for one of the most awaited tech launches in the automotive industry. At the CES in Las Vegas, that officially kicks off on Jan 5, Nissan is all set to put its romance with innovation and technology at display. The car giant is announcing Microsoft’s Cortana integration for its cars.

Nissan tweeted a video to announce the integration of Windows in the car concept. When Microsoft had announced Cortana for third party developers, it had said it would come to one car. It could just be Nissan, if one views the teaser.

Microsoft had provided developers and manufacturers with a skills Kit and a devices SDK, allowing Cortana integration into a new generation of connected devices. Cortana is now a cross platform AI, that is available on Windows devices, as well as Android and iOS devices. The same functionality is seamlessly provided across all the platforms.

While it remains to be seen until the official announcement how Nissan integrates Microsoft’s Cortana inside its cars, the auto company is among the large auto names that are going big at CES this year.

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