Consumers Seek Personalized Branded Content

Consumers are increasingly interested in content that reflects their personality type and is delivered in their preferred tone and style. As content becomes one of the strongest tools in the marketer’s arsenal, Reuters Plus, the branded content studio of the multimedia news provider, takes a closer look at how branded content’s proposition should evolve.

Content Connect II, a report based on a global survey of users, reveals that 77 percent of global consumers expect to see more personalized content in the future. It shows that branded content campaigns are more effective if they include personalized elements, with 63 percent of consumers agreeing that personally relevant content improves how they feel about the brand associated with it, and 58 percent see brands in a more positive light if they provide them with content that matches their interests.

“While content marketing and branded content continue to grow, consumers are increasingly demanding more relevant and personalized content. This research shows that content marketers need to fully understand audiences’ preferences and personalities in order to maximize consumer interest and engagement. This is a priority for Reuters Plus in delivering effective solutions for our clients,” said Munira Ibrahim, SVP for Sales and Content Solutions, Reuters.

The Style & Tone
The survey, conducted by Synergy Research and Consulting, highlights the importance of style and tone in branded content, finding specific content topics appeal to different personalities. It finds, for example, that the top personality type for business and finance content is ‘ambitious’, whereas arts and culture is ‘creative’, politics is ‘outspoken’ and travel is ‘spontaneous’.

It also identifies the attributes consumers consider most appealing in branded content. It reveals that global consumers consider sponsored content more appealing if it is thought provoking (64%), imaginative (58%), humorous (55%) and innovative (51%).

The Content Connect II research finds that consumers are open to new and innovative ways to engage with content, revealing a mix of appealing formats for consumers with short articles (64%), in-depth analysis (60%), video (55%) and infographics (45%) being the top choices.

In terms of formats, 71 percent of consumers interested in branded content would prefer to see their favorite brands sponsoring websites, site sections or pages, whereas 57 percent would prefer to see brands sponsoring articles on websites, webpages or apps.

Overall, consumers increasingly think brands can benefit from sponsoring quality content – 68 percent agreeing, compared to 60 percent last year – and audiences are still receptive to branded content if the subject matter interests them, with 75 percent agreeing – equal to last year.

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