Content That Connects Key To Audience Growth: Zach King

Zach King

The digital era has opened up as many opportunities as it has challenges. Experts agree that as technology gives more power to brands, one of the best tools in their arsenal is content. The question however is what content clicks for a new age that is consuming a content stream and seeking snack sized, long format and various new kinds. And if there was such a thing as expert on the subject, it would be the likes of Zach King, also dubbed Vine King for the success that he has seen in short format content.

Mr King’s attempt to simplify what can otherwise be a complicated step is crunched into three Cs -curiosity, clean and contagious. “I see these as three unique ways of creating and maintaining a healthy audience on social media,” stated Mr King explaining that the three features have been instrumental in growing and maintaining his current followers on social media.

He advised that creating an audience begins with being innovative and understanding the audience. “The best way to connect with your audience is by creating relatable content that’s appealing to universal themes,” he said.

Mr King began making videos on YouTube two years ago which assisted him in attracting an audience. He has since learned to grow and engage. “To make sure my videos do not have language barriers, I believe in letting action and motion speak. I listen to the voice of my creativity before making any video,” he divulged.

He also let the secret of the recipe for his videos that includes taking as many takes as required, to have a concept in every video, and ensure less language and more motion.

“Audience growth is 25 per cent strategy and 75 per cent story. If you focus on story and character, the audience will follow,” Mr King informed.

Giving insight into the experience of using his strategies for brands that he is working on such as Nike, he observed, “Before making any video, I first ask whether I would share this video. There are two types of content: content for connection, and content for audience growth.”

Adding to the tips of creating content for audience growth, he said, “You must always try new platforms but don’t stretch it too much. You should give every video a 30-day test period. Reposting content everywhere is posting nowhere. Create expectation in audience of where and when and go with formats that are user-friendly.”

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