Data Point: Price Deals Challenge Vacation Buyers’ Loyalty

As the region enters the vacationing season, brands are looking at the attitudes and behaviors of vacation buyers.

When researching destinations and travel companies, vacation buyers have a variety of choices at their disposal. For such a big purchase, moving customers along the purchase journey can be a lengthy process for brands and marketers. There’s a great deal of research and price comparison – over 60 percent say they like to seek an expert opinion before buying, too.

Vacation buyers’ attitudes suggest that travel brands need to cover the default bases on deal-driven communication rather than just highlighting the experience on offer. Although over 60 percent say that they tend to stick to the brands they like, a notably bigger proportion (78%) agree that they try to find the best deals for the products they buy, showing that customers may drop a brand they are loyal to for the price offering of another very quickly.

Interestingly, it’s not just lower income earners who seek out the best holiday deals either; the top 25 percent income group is more likely than the lowest to agree with this (81% vs. 71%).

That said, there is still potential to turn the one-time-deal purchasers into loyalists. High income groups tend to be the most loyal, but they also find it important to get value for their money. Travel marketers need to stick to a robust pricing strategy as an entry point for discovery and loyalty for all customer groups. If done well, they can count on new customers to spread the word and advocate the brand online. They are 44 percent more likely than average to be posting opinions about travel online each month.

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