DMS Augments Offer; Launches Digital Ad Performance Solution

As brands set out to compete in today’s cluttered markets, quality lead generation has become an increasingly more complex task. Marketers in turn, want assurances that their advertising is being viewed, in brand safe environments and creating the right impact on the right users to make a conversion. To address this, Digital Media Services (DMS) has launched a digital ad performance solution ‘DMS Perform’.

DMS has collaborated with technology partners in the region, to enhance its targeting and insights capabilities. The result is DMS Perform, which consolidates DMS’ mix of data, research and measurement capabilities and enables an evaluation of each stage of the user journey. The company believes this ensures that the right leads are being tracked across DMS’ inventory of digital platforms. The objective also is to use DMS’ data to reach the right audience with more personalized messaging, driving leads and conversions.

“The addition of DMS Perform brings about a sense of completion to DMS’ vast portfolio, in terms of ensuring its effectiveness as a comprehensive, one-stop arsenal for brands. We are very excited about this launch, as DMS Perform delivers to the market everything which we stand for – Most notably, providing premium leads across funnels from guaranteed, brand safe environments,” said DMS’ Chief Operating Officer Michel Malkoun.

As brands shifts focus to long-term growth plans and new users, DMS Perform also extends the opportunity to discover and use multiple products to maximize storytelling perspectives, while delivering on performance.

“With marketing professionals continuously striving to improve campaign performance and generate greater customer value, Data has become critical to building an effective performance strategy. At DMS, it all starts with our massive pool of audience data that enable brands to target in-market audiences with purchase intent and high-value prospects to maximize their ROI. Wherever the customer is in their journey, we know how to drive them toward a sale. Optimizing performance is in our DNA. Measurement has always been a central tenet of digital marketing but our ability to measure performance has evolved dramatically over the years. Through independent attribution solutions, we support our advertisers uncover insights that will allow them to better allocate their advertising investment to improve marketing performance and grow their business,” added Youmna Borghol, Chief Data Officer at Choueiri Group.

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