DMS, Google Decode Programmatic For MENA Marketers

Digital Media Services (DMS) and Google collaborated to further breakdown programmatic for marketers in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

As a key programmatic player in MENA, DMS’ portfolio brings together inventory from Arabic and international broadcasters, publishers, video and audio platforms, all supported by a fully integrated programmatic approach.

Given the strong opportunity for further growth of the programmatic advertising market in the MENA region, DMS and Google came together to extend their expertise to MENA advertisers, while shedding additional light on the capabilities of programmatic and detail one of the fastest growing areas of the programmatic universe, ‘Programmatic Guaranteed’.

Speaking at the event hosted for marketers, Bruno Bianchini, Head of Global Partnerships at Google MENA said, “The adoption of programmatic has grown over the past few years. Today, publishers have access to insights on buyer needs and campaign performance, leading to better sales optimization. We will continue to support both the media buyers and sellers to maximize their revenue and create sustainable businesses using innovative tech solutions.”

The two companies also reiterated DMS’ exclusive access to leverage Google Data within Programmatic Guaranteed for MENA, making it one of a handful of global publishers with that capability.

“Today, it would be safe to say that Programmatic is a cornerstone of DMS’ offering, as well as our general strategy. Programmatic enables efficiencies in both process and operations, along with transparency in reporting. This in turn provides valuable clarity and time savings that enable a more forward-thinking approach. It is nothing short of the future of how more media channels will be transacted,” commented DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun in a press statement.

Elaborating on the significance of Programmatic Guaranteed, DMS’ Head of Programmatic, Daniel Young said, “Combining creativity while ensuring delivery is one way that Programmatic Guaranteed is able to drive growth. Custom creatives within Programmatic Guaranteed unlock a publisher’s high impact inventory that may have been missing from non-guaranteed offerings. Consolidating spend and using both Programmatic Guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals in parallel, provides an elevated level of clarity and optimization capabilities.”

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