Du Captures Eid Joys With Rabshtnah Bfarhitna

Celebrating Eid festivities, du wanted to reach out to the UAE residents and citizens with a video that was filmed on a lighter note and musical rhythm. The objective was to shed light on the most beautiful moments experienced ahead of Eid.

The video also highlighted the cultural and traditional atmosphere around Eid in the UAE, including shopping or taking clothes from tailors, giving Eidia and going to salons among others.

“We would like to wish everyone in the UAE Eid Mubarak. We were always keen on creating innovative ideas that embody the traditional celebrations and heritage of the UAE community across all important occasions. This time we have moved away from the stereotypical videos depicting the reality of Eid and designed a new creative video that reflects the preparations of the UAE society the night before Eid,” Abdulwahed Juma, Executive Vice President, Brand and Corporate Communications, du.

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