Facebook Launches App Optimization For Businesses

When it comes to mobile, apps are where it’s at. Mobile apps can bring ongoing value to businesses, especially when the right people download them. Almost 90 percent of time spent on mobile is spent in apps and 58 percent of mobile purchases in the US are made through apps.

As mobile app businesses evolve, it’s increasingly important for them to connect with the people who are likely to not just download their apps, but to take valuable actions within them.

Keeping this in mind, Facebook launched a new product, App Event Optimization, which helps businesses maximize long-term app value, beyond the install.

“We’re extremely excited for Facebook’s new capabilities for app install advertising, which helps us optimize towards our true business goals. By reaching people on Facebook that are most likely to engage in our app, we have seen an 80% decrease in cost per event leading to five times the growth in lifetime value,” said Chris Chow, Head of Growth, PennyPop.

Through App Event Optimization, advertisers can deliver ads to the people who are likely to take valuable actions within their apps. This brings value to businesses, as well as to people, who get ads for the apps that will be most useful to them. Businesses such as mobile commerce and gaming apps are seeing success.

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