Havas Regional CEO Shares An Optimistic Message Post Lockdown

The global pandemic has taken human lives, led many countries into economic crisis, given rise to unemployment and a permanent sense of insecurity from the COVID-19 virus. As the world tries to recover from these losses, the level of anxiety, stress and depression that the pandemic has caused remains a constant part of all our lives now.

Several countries had imposed lockdown in lieu of containing the virus, but the self-isolation has given rise to many mental health issues with experts even saying that while we will have a vaccine for the virus eventually, curing the phycological impact will take much more time.

Yet in all the darkness, people are seeing hopeful shifts and looking at the upsides of the pandemic to live a better life. Sending across a similar positive message, Alberto Canteli Saurez, Chairman & CEO of Havas Group for the region of Nordics, CEE, Russia and Middle East, shared a past experience through a video zip lining at Dubai’s XLine. The video highlights how beautiful is the feeling of being free.

Speaking to The Arabian Marketer, Mr Canteli urges all to have a positive and optimistic approach to life post the lockdown. “This pandemia has been one of the biggest challenges human race has faced since decades. We all hope to put this nightmare behind us in some few months. In my opinion the best remedy against this virus till science finds a vaccine, is to improve our own health-condition as much as we can, have a positive and optimistic approach to life, evolve as a society balancing our scale of values and be better prepared for potential similar future threats.”