Pre And Post Iftaar Best Time To Engage With Online Consumers In Ramadan

Arab Woman

All brands bring out their best campaigns during the holy month of Ramadan when most Muslim consumers are spending the most. Being a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion, Ramadan is also a social season where people celebrate and connect with family and friends near and far.

Being online increases during this month. In 2014, Ramadan registered more than 215 million tweets, while activity on Facebook increased by 33%. To help brands understand how to remain relevant and ensure high levels of engagement with followers, Meltwater hosted a webinar on Ramadan and social media.

More than 260 professionals attended the webinar representing different national, regional and international companies based across MENA. Meltwater has released its infographic based on the discussions and deliberations of the webinar. According to it, brands must understand the consumers’ changing habits during Ramadan. Pre and post iftaar are the best times to push content and engage with consumers on social media. While TV continues to dominate as best medium to reach out to consumers, youth expect content to be entertaining and value adding.

Ramadan infographic


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