Innovations Group UAE Appoints Ravi Jethwani As CEO

Innovations Group, one of the market leaders in Employee Outsourcing and Recruitment services, has taken a significant move forward in further strengthening its position in the market with the appointment of Ravi Jethwani as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for its manpower and services outsourcing business.

Mr Jethwani, who previously held the post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in July 2018, is a seasoned corporate executive with over 17 years of experience in finance with world-class companies. He is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and is a Certified Public Accountant, Australia.

In taking on his new role at Innovations Group, Mr Jethwani expressed confidence in the future growth of the company and identified key areas which he believes would drive further business expansion.

“The future looks good for Innovations as we have a fantastic team working together towards a shared business growth objective,” Mr Jethwani said. “With today’s extremely competitive business landscape, innovation and creativity in service offering and delivery are key in staying ahead of the market. Accordingly, there will be a more focused effort from Innovations to further develop specialized business verticals.

“And, while we will continue doing what we are best at, which is by offering tailor-made solutions for clients and persist on process optimization at the same time, we will also focus on growth in different sectors by strengthening and reinforcing in-house capabilities, as well as extending our capacities to other geographies,” Mr Jethwani added.

To achieve these, Mr Jethwani brings a wealth of experience in ensuring the financial stability of the company. With the belief that a CFO is a Business Finance Partner and not just someone who simply wears its cap, Mr Jethwani was instrumental in closing a business deal worth US$22 million. He also successfully led and concluded a merger and acquisition (M&A) deal, through the sale of shares, for one of the group’s companies. And, being a tech-savvy executive, Mr Jethwani was also responsible for an ERP implementation within a short span of three months aimed at driving a seamless finance function.

Looking ahead, Mr Jethwani identified several key trends that will drive future growth in the market. “With the new Emiratization policy and its strict implementation by the UAE government, I believe Emiratization will be a key focus for us and our competitors,” Mr Jethwani explained. He also identified a growing trend among SMEs in actively exploring outsourcing, while at the same time, focusing on both employees and clients as far as helping build company culture, skills enhancement, training, career growth, employee welfare, and well-being.

Innovations Group works across myriad industries servicing the private sector, government, banking & financial institutions, and other SMEs. As a pioneer in employee outsourcing, Innovations specializes in providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions for diverse nationalities, skill sets & domain expertise.