MBC’s Waleed Al-Ibrahim Awarded Dubai Lynx ‘Advtg Person Of The Year’

The MBC Group Chairman Sheikh Waleed Al-Ibrahim was awarded ‘Advertising Person of the Year’ at the Dubai Lynx Internatioanl Festival of Creativity for his outstanding contribution and achievements in developing the media industry and enhancing the advertising scene in the MENA region.

The award is an appreciation for the constructive efforts of Mr Ibrahim in strengthening the links between leading international and local brands on the one hand, and consumers on the other hand through the various channels, platforms and services offered by MBC Group.

“MBC Group’s impact on the lives of people, every second of the day, is a sticking example of how creative content and content marketing can positively affect consumers’ behavior,” said Raja Fares Trad, CEO Leo Burnett & Publicis Group MENA.

The award is further considered as a tribute to the role Mr Ibrahim played in outlining the media and advertising sectors in the region, through the provision of better media & entertainment experiences that live up to world class standards.

“The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that the dreamer has his eyes closed; the visionary has his eyes always open said Martin Luther King. The 2016 Advertising Person Of The Year is a true visionary; in fact, tele-visionary with his eyes always open,” said Yves Manghardt, Chairman & CEO Nestle Middle East FZE in Mr Ibrahim’s testimonial.

Terry Savage, Chairman, Dubai Lynx, said it had been both ‘an honor and privilege’ to recognize such a prominent and respected figure. “Over the course of 25 years, Sheikh Waleed Al-Ibrahim, has been responsible for multiple, significant contributions to the development of the Media & Entertainment industry in the MENA region and we are delighted that we could celebrate this during the 10th edition of Dubai Lynx.”

In a brief speech on the sidelines of the award ceremony, Mr Ibrahim stressed on the importance of the concept of “creativity & innovation” embodied in the festival, and its association with the vision and approach that reflects the majestic image of the city of Dubai, led by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

He also realizes the importance of the award that has come at a time when the media is at a crossroad and believes reallocating the media priorities is the only way forward. He also acknowledges that the challenge that remains ahead is the ability to take advantage of the information and communication revolution, and harness it in building knowledge economies to further develop the media industry, promote the advertising industry and the commercial and consumer markets, and enable cultural movements within our societies.

“I dedicate this award to everyone in both the advertising and communication industries in general, and MBC Group employees in specific, each in his/ her geographic location, that helped uplift our media work flow. And above all, this success wouldn’t have been achieved without our strategic commercial partner, as there is no successful media without advertising partners and returns as well as sustainable commercial revenues,” concluded Al-Ibrahim.

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