Nearly 15% Millennials In MEA Watch eSports

eSports may still be in its infancy, but this form of entertainment has been quick to make its mark – around 23 percent of online Millennials engaged with eSports last month. In fact, two thirds of the eSports audience overall fall within the Millennial generation.

While some of the markets have nearly 30 percent Millennials watching eSports, in the Middle East and Africa region, around 15 percent Millennials are watching eSports. Due to lack of any prominent initiative taken in the region to drive up this number, MEA has the lowest percentage of online Millennials watching e-tourneys.

eSports is still very much evolving as a platform for brands and advertisers, but with such a young, desirable and brand-engaged demographic – not to mention the significant interest from broadcasting companies like Turner and ESPN in the genre – the opportunities should be clear for any brands still sitting on the fence.

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