Peak Performance Rolls Out Virtual Pop-Up Wilderness Experience

If you are living in UAE, going for your regular jog or walk can be more fruitful than just keeping fit, now you can shop too for free! Peak Performance, an outdoor sports brand, has come up with a unique and innovative geo-location campaign for its new Spring Summer collection called ‘Magic Hour Shops’.

Taking sunrise and sunset as the inspiration for a digital experiential campaign, the brand has conceptualized virtual pop-up shops in handpicked, inspiring rural locations. These virtual shops are open for Magic Hour – just before sunrise and again before sunset – to offer Peak’s Spring Summer collection free to anyone who can find them.

The campaign rolled out today at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. Other Asian locations where the campaign has kicked off are Thailand’s Black Mountain Golf Club and Japan’s Lake Chimikeppu.

The campaign is created by Perfect Fools Stockholm and targets cyclists, golfers, ramblers, runners, trekkers and walkers. The creative agency built, a responsive mobile-first website that displays the shop location, distance to it, opening hours, a collection catalogue and how many items are left to claim.

There is no physical retail experience, it’s a virtual shop that relies on the smartphone GPS to detect when they are at the right location. On arrival within Magic Hour the pop-up shop is unlocked and clothes can be claimed. The claimant receives a voucher to be redeemed at Visitors not at the correct location or outside Magic Hour can only preview the clothes.

“The Magic Hour encourages people to get out of bed early for a morning round of golf or late evening run. Those who make the effort can not only claim great Peak Performance gear but also discover beautiful handpicked locations. What could be a better way to experience the heart and soul of this outdoor brand,” shared Philip Arvidson, Art Director at Perfect Fools.

“We had a tight production schedule to build this amazing experience. It was an intense project with the core focus on making the user experience as seamless as possible,” said Eric Karlshammar, Executive Producer at Perfect Fools.

Robin Salazar, the online marketing and ecommerce manager at Peak Performance, commented, “The Magic Hour is a beautiful time of day and we want to encourage people to experience that time at fantastic locations. The virtual pop-up shops are an added incentive to experience sunrise or sunset and bridge the physical digital divide.”

Creative Agency: Perfect Food, Stockholm
Creatives: CD: Klas Lusth, Art director: Philip Arvidson
Producer: Carl Berglind
Designer: Alexander Radsby
Account Director: Åsa Clementsson
Executive Producer: Eric Karlshammar
Technical Director: Tony Sajdak
Front-End Developer: Kim Korte

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