Puck Encourages Men To Give A Helping Hand

In Ramadan, men in most parts of the world, usually tend to relax before Iftar or around Suhour. Their time is spent in work or with friends or playing with the children.

And in most cases, their role ends there. It is usually the women, working or homemakers, that are seen playing the role of preparing Iftar and Suhour during this time. They either do it with their cooks or even by themselves at times. Strangely, this has become a norm, especially in the Middle East, and women have accepted this as their role. Consequently, most food brands target only mothers and women during Ramadan, sharing what and how to cook.

However, Puck’s latest Ramadan campaign has a different approach. Created by its agency FP7/DXB, the brand puts across the point that if Ramadan meals are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, everyone should be tasked with preparing them.

This perspective is taken forward by the brand, encouraging men, husbands and sons, to lend a hand to the everyday chefs – mothers and wives – be it through cooking, cutting, cleaning or even setting up the table. Because Puck’s mission of ‘mealtime joy’, in at least a month like Ramadan when families are encouraged to get closer together, is truly fulfilling when the preparation for the meal is shared.

The brand has launched this idea through a positively provocative film for the Middle East. And is now scaling it out across markets through male influencers who are lending women a helping hand and through other online platforms and social channels targeting men.

Agency: FP7/DXB
Regional Head of Strategic Planning, Creative Strategy: Tahaab Rais
Strategic Planning Manager: Aakriti Goel
Executive Creative Director: Paul Banham
Art Director: Mohammad Aram
Senior Copywriter: Chris Booth
General Manager – Business Unit: Tarek Ali Ahmad
Account Director: Nadine Kazan
Account Manager: Yara Berjawi
Senior Account Executive: Soha Frangieh‎
Production: Hiyam Itani

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