Snap Inc Makes AR Accessible To Advertisers With Lens Studio

What better way to encourage advertisers to explore newer technology than giving them more options to test it. Snap Inc. has aimed to do this by launching Lens Studio, a desktop app, open to all, to design and build Snapchat Lenses.

With the release of Lens Studio, developers, creators and brands will have the tools to create and distribute their own Snapchat augmented reality (AR) experiences. The Lens Studio includes templates and guides to help creators to get started with AR. It also provides a scripting API to allow developers to code their own interactive experiences.

Lenses that was launched over two years ago and there are over 3,000 Lenses today where people engage with AR in several ways. By opening up Lens creation to the community, Snap has made AR creation more accessible. Every consumer using the Lens Studio will be able to create World Lenses for Snapchat.

As Snapchatters engage deeply with AR, it creates more opportunities for advertisers to be part of the conversation. The Studio makes AR easier and faster to create, leading to more campaigns that leverage the Snapchat camera to drive results.

Lens Studio has seven partners including Avatar Labs, Fisherman Labs, Haus, Media Monks, North Kingdom, Trigger Global, and Vidmob.

As another attraction for advertisers, Snap is also offering targeted Audience Lenses. Advertisers pay on a CPM basis for these, similar to Snap Ads, driving targeted impressions they need to meet their business objectives. Brands can also buy Snap Ads that ‘swipe up’ to a 3D World Lens. BMW pioneered this strategy in late November.

Since advertisers can develop a Lens in as little as a few days, they can choose to create multiple Lenses and A/B test engagement.

A Snap statement quoted that ad campaigns with Lenses drive on average a 19 point lift in ad awareness and a 15 percent lift in purchase intent (measured by Nielsen in-app polling) and 9 percent sales lift (measured by Nielsen Catalina).

Lenses can be targeted with nearly all parameters available to Snap Ads. All brand and sales lift measurement offered for Snap Ads are also available for Lenses through both third party and first party measurement numbers.

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