Social Media Is Reality TV Which Is Real: DJ Producer David Guetta


Social Media is reality TV which is real,” remarked DJ Producer David Guetta while stating that reality TV was a thing of the past. He was speaking with the Chairman & CEO of Publicis Group, Maurice Levy at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“Social media has completely replaced TV. I dont know anyone who is watching TV. I think the worst TV is reality TV,” he said.

Having a strong fan following both on Facebook and Twitter, Mr Guetta recalled how in his earlier days messaging was the source of medium he used to invite his fans to his parties. “When I started my branding, I used to organise parties and promote it by individually messaging my fans. I am very close to social media as it was in my culture.”

According to Mr Guetta, it was not just branding but being able to have a co-relation with the the brand that mattered. “I do endorsements because the give me money to make quality music and giving it the right placement. Brands can help me connect with my fans as well as their fans too. We should look at ways of rebranding so that both can expand as a brand.”

One of the challenges that the music world faces is that of piracy, but Mr Guetta believes that you cant fight progress. “My opinion is that the only thing that my fans listen to is my music, whether its through streaming or downloading. The good thing is that they can hear my music across the world, in a faster and cheaper way.”

When Mr Levy questioned him on what would be the ideal partnership or brand endorsement for him, Mr Guetta said, “Some partnerships doesn’t make sense, Brands are still using celebrities as ‘old models’ posting their faces on posters to sell toothpaste. I want to create something together. Any brand that is creative and helps me being creative. I would like to co-brand with them.”

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