Standing #HandInHand With Refugees This Ramadan

The Middle East creative industry has been looking at different ways to raise awareness around the battles that people are facing in conflict hit areas. Syrian and Rohingya families, torn apart by war, are driven away from the safety of their homes.

As countless, widowed mothers struggle to provide for their families alone and innumerable children are left without parents, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its creative agency Y&R Dubai, created a message for the holy month of Ramadan – a period marked by giving and together.

The ‘Projections of Hope’ campaign urges people to stand together #HandInHand so that no refugee is left behind.

The film tells two stories. In the foreground, it captures the reality every refugee faces and in the background, projections change with every scene, showing how all refugees can be given hope when the world stands together.

The digital campaign has been released online across social media platforms. There are several releases and stories that aim to show the reality of the situation, and how every form of aid makes a real impact on refugee lives.

The campaign drive is to get as much support for Rohingya and Syrian refugees, specifically highlighting four key stories –– the flood crisis facing Rohingya refugees, critical aid and support for Rohingya orphans, support for single Syrian refugee mothers and providing support to Syrians who are now celebrating their seventh Ramadan as a refugee.

UHNCR and Y&R’s message is simple –– “We are all human, and we can understand each other’s pain. Let’s stand together #HandInHand and leave no refugee behind’.

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