The Smartphone Squeeze In 2017

Compared to six years ago, global demand in the smartphone market has changed. Homegrown mobile brands in the east have muscled their way in alongside Apple and Samsung, leading to a downward pressure on price. GWI’s year-on-year data for purchasing of mobiles confirms a recent… Read More

Gaming Gets Competitive

With the migration of gaming activities online, and the subsequent expansion of the gaming community, a whole host of behaviors now fall within the remit of gaming even when they don’t actually involve picking up a controller and playing a game. The rise of spectator… Read More

The Future Of Free

For large swathes of consumers, the right to access free online content is seen as sacrosanct. But with ad-blocking on the rise, there’s little recognition or willingness on the part of the consumer to accept that ads are at the core of this. While some… Read More

Are VR & AR Here To Stay?

The buzz surrounding VR and AR has been intensifying for some time, but it’s difficult to ignore the hurdles that stand in the way of it achieving mainstream adoption. The biggest of all is a lack of quality, compelling content. Investment may have poured into… Read More