TBWA\Raad & Amnesty Voice A Peace Message Amid Political Tensions

At a time when Arab and Muslim travelers facing inconveniences and mistreatment in the West is becoming common headlines in global media, Amnesty International New York is taking a step to bringing change. Along with its agency, TBWA\Raad, Amnesty International is revisiting the passport as a medium of communication.

In an effort that supports strong creative with an effective medium, TBWA\Raad has invited designers globally to create passport covers showcasing messages of peace from the holy book of Islam – The Quran. The Skins of Peace, which is a collection of passport covers, showcase messages from the Quran, adapted into English.

The idea takes into consideration that much of the current treatment towards the Arab world is not only due to political tensions, but also due to the misconception around Islam as an extremist religion.

While the first round of designs were created internally by TBWA\Raad designers from its GCC and Levant offices, the invitation was extended to designers from TBWA offices from around the world in the following phase. The campaign has now opened up to non-TBWA international designers as well.

The campaign wants to invite designers from around the world, no matter their background or religion, to participate. Over 50 designers have already donated their creations. Amnesty International with the support of TBWA\Raad will select, produce and take the best ones to major international airports and online retailers across the region and eventually the world.

All proceeds will benefit Amnesty International USA’s work to combat Islamophobia and fight for the rights of refugees to rebuild their lives safely.

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