This Atlantis Surprise Will Make You Envious Of Londoners Having A Bad Day

Who would have thought that it would take a miserable rainy day in London, and someone going through a really bad day to create the perfect setting for a brand campaign? Evidently, Atlantis the Palm Dubai and its agency FP7/Dubai.

London, among one of the key markets for Atlantis, saw a visit in March from the teams of Atlantis Dubai and FP7/Dxb. The objective was single-fold – look for people who really needed to be transported away from a tough day, week or even a tough life. The medium to achieve this was an Atlantis branded cab, along with a perfect accomplice in a London cabbie.

As passengers poured their hearts out to the friendly driver, he was given the power to offer them a ‘surprise’ in the form of an all expenses paid, on the spot, trip to Atlantis.

Atlantis is called by many as the perfect escape from everyone’s daily grind, their jobs, their everyday lives and other typical holiday destinations. The agency created a tagline Atlantis the Palm Dubai, ‘A World Away From The Everyday’ to reflect all that. The agency released an activation video, featuring the big surprise, and also showcasing the best that Atlantis has to offer and more.

In a couple of days, the activation video saw more than 16000 shares on Facebook along with 7000 plus views on YouTube.

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