This CAFU Crowdsourced Film Plays Humor Just Right

CAFU, the region’s first on-demand fuel delivery service app has produced its first crowdsourced film by engaging with its customer base in an interesting way.

CAFU shot and produced the film ‘Faded Voice’ which is a humorous take on what happens when someone loses their voice, in this case, it was the popular Dubai celeb radio presenter Kris Fade.

The film, that tracks the efforts of Kris’ friends who help him find his voice, was divided into three videos. After every video, fans were asked to comment on what they thought would happen in the next video. The best ideas were then taken to produce the next video, finally culminating into a mini film that reveals an epic suspense.

The winners of the most creative ideas were then awarded a staycation at popular resorts across the UAE.

All the videos were shot in Dubai. Till the first week of July, the videos have garnered a total of 327K views across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Launched last year, CAFU was introduced in the UAE with an ambition to bring an innovative convenience to people.

“Our campaign stays true to our brand essence, providing content that is original, enjoyable and interactive. We had great fun shooting the film with a talented bunch of actors including Kris Fade who was in a lead role. Needless to say, with growing views and engagement to the videos, this project has been a great success for us,” said Daanesh Kashyap, Brand Manager, CAFU.

Location: The 44
Manager: Lina Rosling
Production: Balloon Tree
Film Crew: Film District

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