Trusted Media Brands Deliver Performance: WMG-MOAT Study

marketing effectivenessThe World Media Group (WMG), a strategic alliance of 10 global media brands, is addressing the growing demand from advertisers for better viewability performance. In addition, in an era of fake news, it wanted to explore whether ads seen on trusted media websites were viewed more attentively by consumers. It therefore commissioned analysis to assess the overall performance of the inventory of WMG brands during Q3 2016.

The overall aim of the analysis was to identify whether digital ad campaigns that appear in respected premium media brands – that invest in both quality journalism and quality campaign delivery – outperform industry benchmarks. The independent study was carried out by SaaS analytics and measurement company Moat.

The results revealed that ad campaigns across the WMG inventory outperformed every single benchmark for that time period. Attention and viewability rates saw lifts up to 92 percent in some instances.

“Readers across all World Media Group titles have always trusted, valued and engaged with the high quality content we provide – and that trust is more important than ever when ‘fake news’ is, itself, making the headlines. The analysis results have validated the link between well written, properly researched journalism and the ‘halo effect’ brands experience when their ads are seen alongside it,” explained Matt McAllester, Global Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek, a member of the WMG.

The WMG brands comprise The Washington Post, Bloomberg Media, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Newsweek, The New York Times, TIME and The Wall Street Journal.

The analysis identifies a performance uplift for WMG inventory across all forms of digital advertising compared to Moat’s Q3 benchmarks. However, the greatest effect is seen for desktop video and mobile advertising.

Measure/BenchmarkWorld Media GroupLift compared to Moat Q3 Benchmarks
Desktop Display Industry View Rate (50% for 1 second)0.6260.17
Desktop Display Industry In-View Time30.7s0.19
Desktop Display Universal Interaction Time11.5s0.26
Mobile Display Industry  View Rate (50% for 1 second)0.5970.4
Mobile Display Industry In-View Time18.5s0.12
Mobile Display Universal Touch Rate0.1340.43
Desktop Video Industry In-View Rate (50% for 1 second)0.690.21
Desktop Video Popular Agency Standard0.4390.92

“Marc Pritchard of P&G has put campaign effectiveness into the spotlight this year, with his headline-grabbing comments about only accepting industry-standard-validated viewability for media transacting. Advertisers should push for viewability rates that are even higher than this and should be confident their ads appear in trusted environments. We believe our analysis shows that premium media brands offer this and drive greater value for advertisers,” said Emma Winchurch-Beale, International Sales Director at The Washington Post and President at the World Media Group.

WMG members also provide tech savvy options for optimizing ad viewability and device-agnostic solutions to ensure that ads are always viewed at the appropriate size.

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