Turkish Airlines Undertakes A Journey To Discover ‘Five Senses’

Turkish Airlines has always attempted to go beyond just commercial messaging of an airline company in its advertising. Its newest commercial, once again debuted at the Super Bowl, stars heart surgeon and TV personality Dr. Oz.

Danish director Martin Aamund took the reins for the film, which will be broadcast in several countries, that the national flag carrier flies to, across the Middle East, Europe, South Africa, the Far East and the Americas including North America (Canada), Latin America and the United States.

Filmed under extreme weather conditions, with temperatures up to 50° C in the Sahara Desert, and below 0° C for the Northern Lights, the commercial celebrates the magic of the human body to excel in diverse conditions. ‘Widen Your World’ is a call to the viewer to explore the world, and through it the five senses.

“As the airline that flies to more countries than any other, we strongly believe that our mission is so much more than bringing our passengers to their destination. We actively encourage them to discover the world and through it, discover themselves. Our new Five Senses campaign aims to emphasize the experience every journey brings towards discovering the unknown with our five senses to their fullest,” said Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Turkish Airlines.

He explained that the carrier is “more than satisfied” by the feedback and outcomes of its celebrity ad campaigns. “Our campaign last year ad with Morgan Freeman was a great hit. Now we are looking forward to this new cooperation with Dr. Oz. We will maintain our leadership with our ‘Widen Your World’ mission through our journey, which will inspire the whole world to seek new discoveries,” he added.

This follows on from the launch of a highly successful commercial starring Morgan Freeman, which aired during the commercial break at the 2017 Super Bowl and went on to become the most watched Super Bowl commercial on YouTube with 53 million views.

In 2016, Turkish Airlines sponsored ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, and broadcasted its commercial as part of the sponsorship deal, at the Super Bowl for the first time with an estimated audience of over 800 million people worldwide. ‘Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout’, another one of Turkish Airlines deal with Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant, was also selected the best commercial film of the last decade by YouTube.

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