Twitter Builds On Real Time Proposition With ‘Polls’


The general perception for Twitter at the moment may not be at its brightest best but the micro blogging platform appears to be honing its energies, and capitalizing, on its strengths. A move in this direction has come with the launch of Twitter Polls. According to a recent company announcement, Twitter users will soon be able to create polls on the platform, gauging more information on the topics they care about.

If any user, including brands, want public opinion on anything — ranging from pet naming, to sports events or election predictions — Twitter Polls may be an attractive solution. For poll creators, it’s another way to engage with Twitter’s audience and understand what people are thinking.

How Twitter Poll Works
Previously, Twitter offered a few ways to participate in polls — Tweeting questions and tracking replies, tallying hashtag votes, or asking followers to favorite or Retweet to vote. Now, users will be able to create their own two-choice poll right from the compose box and it will remain live for 24 hours. Users can vote on any poll, and their voting choice is not shared publicly. When the poll closes, a push notification is sent to everyone who participated to check out the final results. Advertisers can join in as well on Twitter Polls by getting their audience to weigh in on product decisions or what’s trending. With Twitter Audience Platform, advertisers can further amplify polls to a wider audience and receive feedback at scale.

Value For Brands?
Twitter Polls may well become another talking point for brands and agencies that leverage the platform for engaging in real time conversations. Some brands may even consider utilizing this for preceding product launches, image makeovers, tagline testing and so on. Even though Twitter has not indicated this as a tool for engaging brands or for monetizing purposes, it would be interesting to see if Polls do assist the platform in some form in adding to its revenues.


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