UAE Onliners Seek Content Freshness, Higher Video Quality

UAE onliners are discerning. They want freshness in content and they want good quality of video. These two factors appear to be more important for the Emirate as opposed to other developed markets in the region. A recent survey from Vuclip, a mobile video on demand (VOD) reveals that UAE consumers lay greater emphasis on freshness of content (50%) as against those in other nations (46%). The respondents reported a fair balance between quality and content as being the most important features in an OTT (over the top) app with 49 percent stressed on a buffer free experience and 47 percent reported high definition video quality as being a key consideration.

Device Preference For Video Consumption
69 percent of the respondents indicated smartphones as the preferred device for consuming video unlike other developed (40%) and developing (44%) markets where laptops and PCs are the devices of choice. 75 percent of UAE respondents reported using smartphones for daily video consumption. This in stark contrast with other developed (52%) and developing (54%), nations where television is the most preferred choice for daily video viewing.

Type Of Video Content Consumed Across Devices
79 percent viewers in UAE consume short form video content (run time of under 10 minutes) on smartphones as compared to 70 percent on laptops and 35 percent on television. However user generated content (UGC) is consumed more on smartphones (19%) than on laptops (12%). Across the UAE, the television is the preferred device for both long form consumption (81%) such as films and videos with run time of more than 10 minutes in addition to live broadcast videos (25%).

Commenting on the findings, Arun Prakash, COO, Vuclip said, “With more than eight years of video consumption data, we at Vuclip have always used consumer insights such as these to convert data into viewer delight. It is real time data backed insights that help us to know what our audience wants and enables us to be able to effectively exceed consumer expectations whether it be with content, service features or user experience. 2016 will see Vuclip introduce exciting and innovative way for subscribers in the UAE and wider Middle East region to consume entertainment.”

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