Volkswagen Employs Humor In New Ad Series Featuring Tech

If we had to single out the hero in the Volkswagen’s new six-week brand campaign, it has to be tech that has been put at the heart of the message. With renditions employing humor as a mode to resonate with the consumer, the campaigns have featured different scenarios that not only stress on the tech-enabled safety features of the car but also personalization for the driver.

In a series of three films, both in English and Arabic, the ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if the world worked like a Volkswagen?’ campaign plays on a range of extreme life scenarios.

The brand films will be promoted through social channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, across the GCC region, Lebanon and Jordan. Depending on the audience, the ads will serve the most appealing video based on preferences from the Arabic twins, the sorry job hunter or the desperate romantic.

In a brand first for Volkswagen Middle East, the campaign will also be released at every cinema across the region that showcases the recently released ‘Black Panther’ movie.

“Volkswagen is a people’s brand, therefore the objective of these films was to demonstrate this by making the people the focal point, as a way to highlight innovation and engineering. We look forward to rolling out the campaign this week and are particularly excited to see our films alongside the new Black Panther movie release,” commented Bruno Gisquet, Volkswagen Middle East Brand Marketing Director.

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