ISOC’s 10 Recommendations For Internet’s Future

It’s no secret that the internet has shaped the world and changed lives in big and small ways. Understanding the value that it can bring to the future, the Internet Society (ISOC), a global non-profit organization dedicated to open development, evolution and use of the internet, reminds that internet must remain user-centric and continue to work for the benefit of all.

As part of a report aimed at exploring the future of the internet, ‘Paths to our Digital Future’, the ISOC uncovers a mix of challenges and opportunities in safeguarding the internet for the next generation and makes recommendations on the steps that can be taken today to realize the internet’s promise for everyone, everywhere.

“For 26 years now, the Internet Society has been home to a global community of people who believe in a core set of values for the future of the internet. We aim to ensure that the internet betters society, creates opportunities and empowers people. The key to the future is to put humanity at the centre of the online world,” said Salam Yamout, Middle East Regional Director, Internet Society.

The ISOC recommends 10 points to realize the internet’s promise:
1. Human values must drive technical development and use
2. Apply human rights online as well as offline
3. Put users’ interests first with respect to their own data
4. Act now to close digital divides
5. Make the Internet economy work for everyone
6. Take a collaborative approach to security
7. Increase accountability for data handlers
8. Build strong, secure, resilient networks
9. Address the need for online social norms
10. Empower people to shape their own future

“We cannot take the Internet for granted, but we can start today by taking actions that will preserve the underlying values of the Internet to keep it open, globally connected and secure. The choices we make today will impact the Internet we are creating for tomorrow,” added Mr Yamout.

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