Effective Measure Adds More Audience Data Segments For Programmatic

Media measurement and insights company Effective Measure has released 31 new Persona and Automotive Intender audience data segments to help advertisers improve their targeting through programmatic advertising.

The new audience segments are built from audience behavior and onsite survey data collected by Effective Measure. Effective Measure currently offers over 500 MENA and Africa segments to advertisers. Revenue from data sales is then shared with contributing website owners.

The segments are categorized by demographics, behavioral, demonstrated intent and now, ‘Personas’. The new segments released this week include Automotive Intenders (split by brand or car type), and nine new Personas including ‘Online Shoppers’, ‘Sports-Mad Males’, ‘Beauty and Fashion Queens and ‘Affluent Arabs’.

“To date, our nationality audiences have been our most popular segments,” said Matthew Robarts, Managing Director, Effective Measure MENA.

“There’s also high agency-demand for Purchase Intent segments, which we have responded to by launching Automotive, Real Estate and Technology Intender segments. It’s been an exciting year for us in terms of growth, there is an increasing trend in agencies to leverage locally-sourced targeting data as a core component of their programmatic strategy,” Mr Robarts added.

“In such a diverse region, being able to target by demographics is crucial for branding campaigns, while Purchase Intent complements lower-funnel activity. We also see media plans regularly featuring brand target personas, which go beyond simple demographic characteristics. As such, we’re keen to try the new emPower Personas segments. Our clients are quickly recognizing the value that this type of precision targeting brings to their digital campaigns,” added Raouf Ketani, Head of Annalect.

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