Engage Influencer For Relevant Content, Says Maker Studio’s Robbie Douek


A constant evolution of the media landscape is urging marketers to relinquish the tight control of their communication and advertising strategies. While that is a continued fight, lessons from the last decade reiterate a singular point of significance for all. From the time when newspapers and channels were the be-all and end-all of spreading information to today, when digital platforms are the first port of call – content remains king.

For content’s king, distribution is dubbed god by various industry leaders, but in the digital world, in many ways, ‘distribution’ is replaced by ‘discovery’. Viewers no longer have to tune into a timeslot to watch their favorite content. Appointment viewing is increasingly becoming confined to real time genres such as news and sports or big television premieres or finales. But the broader trend has a different ask.

Robbie Douek, Makers Studio
Robbie Douek, Maker Studio

“People are in complete control of the content that they want to watch and when they want to watch it. That is a reality that the industry is dealing with because content is available on the go,” stated Robbie Douek, Managing Director EMEA, Maker Studio. He explained that as digital platforms, including social media, evolved the way content is consumed, it not only made information transmission easier but created a complex outlook for marketers.

In the new world, there are new custodians and brand ambassadors, leading to a rise in the role of brand advocates and influencers. In order to reach to the right target audiences, influencers are becoming an important component in marketing strategies.

The Influencer
Speaking at the Mindshare’s Media Summit, held in Dubai on January 19, 2016, Mr Douek said that viewers want to be entertained by influencers that matter. “Attention spans are reducing and it is necessary for brands to think like publishers and create engaging, snackable content. Working with the right influencers can achieve that. It is critical for content to be real, authentic and something that resonates with and talks to consumers. Marketers should look to associate with influencers as they are the voice of the people, of a community,” he said.

Mr Douek voiced the opinion of the industry experts who believe that influencers come in at the point of creating content that makes a difference and is discoverable. Influencers are relatable to the audience as they talk from a user’s point of view. “Advertising messages are changing. They need to be compelling and engaging. When influencers create content and engage their followers, the brand can feel notable difference,” he said.

While digital platforms created a level playing field for content distribution, they also led to a never ending content stream. Working with the likes of influencers is among the new age tools that allows marketers to ensure that their messaging is seen by the consumers.

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