Facebook Leads Positive Consumer Brand Sentiment In Egypt

Facebook maintains its position as the most positively talked about brand in Egypt with the largest impact among consumers in the past year according to the 2017 Best Brand Rankings by YouGov BrandIndex.

With Egypt constituting its largest Middle East fan-base, Facebook has certainly been resonating well with consumers of late. Over the course of 2017, the social media giant’s Buzz score jumped 12.2 points, also making it the brand with the biggest score improvement in the country for the past 12 months.

WhatsApp makes a debut appearance straight into second place, while YouTube and Google maintain high positions and continue the internet based theme at the top of the rankings in third and fourth place respectively. Meanwhile iPhone is a non-mover completing the top half of the rankings in fifth place.

Confectionary giant Galaxy sits in sixth position, rising a spot since this time last year, while the National Bank of Egypt drops a place to seventh over the course of 2017. Ariel is brand new entry to the rankings in eighth place while real estate developer Memaar El Morshedy falls from fourth to ninth. Leading food producer El Rashidi El Mizan also makes its debut Best Brand entry in tenth.

“The Buzz score shows how positively brands are resonating with consumers on a daily basis, and ultimately indicates to marketers the level and direction of recent brand exposure. While Egypt sees digital brands dominating the top 5 slots in 2017 rankings, mainstay FMCG brands are making a move in the market with some of the largest improvements over the past 12 months,” commented Scott Booth, Head of Data Products in MENA.

The past 12 months has seen food and beverage brands make a marked improvement in the minds of consumers in Egypt, with Sunbites, Oreo, Molto, Bimbo and Pepsi all featuring in the top 10 most improved list. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are also resonating well with the highest Buzz improvement scores among social media brands. iPhone is the most improved handset completing the top 10 brands with the most improved Buzz scores in tenth.

Egypt Top 10 Best Brand Rankings 2017

Rank Brand
1. Facebook
2. WhatsApp
3. YouTube
4. Google
5. iPhone
6. Galaxy
7. National Bank of Egypt
8. Ariel
9. Memaar El Morshedy
10. El Rashidi El Mizan

Egypt Top 10 Most Improved Best Brand Rankings 2017

Rank Brand
1. Facebook
2. Sunbites
3. Oreo
4. Instagram
5. Molto
6. YouTube
7. Pepsi
8. ToDo
9. Bimbo
10. iPhone

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