HalalTrip Taps Muslim Travelers With Best 10 Series

Muslim travelers globally represent a major niche market that is expected to grow at 4.8 percent from a USD 126.1 billion market worth through 2020. According to MasterCard-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015, the Muslim travel market is a key growth tourism sector projected to be worth USD 200 billion by 2020.

Looking at the stupendous growth of this halal travel market, many researches were held on the top best destinations for Muslim travelers in 2016. Recently, HalalTrip unveiled its curated 2016 ‘Best 10 lists’ covering a range of themes from family destinations, tech-free destinations to island destination. The Best 10 series has been designed as a fun and creative way to help family travelers, young couples and millennials plan their trips in 2016.

As part of the launch of the ‘Best 10’, HalalTrip has initiated a weekly-themed travel photo sharing campaign around the hashtag #myHalalTripFriday with attractive monthly rewards.

Current lists include ‘Best 10 places to visit’, ‘Best 10 places to go to be tech-free’, ‘Best 10 natural wonders to witness’, ‘Best 10 island destinations’, ‘Best 10 family destinations’ and ‘Best 10 shopping destinations’ with plans to add further lists over the course of this month.

“With Muslim travelers now getting more adventurous with their travel destinations, we felt it was a fun and interactive way to help them decide on their next holiday. It is the first time a series of lists specifically for Muslim tourists has been put together and we have received some fantastic feedback so far. Our aim is to continue to produce quirky lists like this to encourage Muslim travelers to embrace novel experiences,” Raudha Zaini, who heads the ‘2016 Best 10 List’ project, HalalTrip.

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