HSBC Chooses Perfect Ingredients To Celebrate 70th Anniversary

HSBC Middle East chose the perfect ingredients to celebrate its 70th anniversary in the UAE with its customers.

Through the video ‘It’s Not A Piece of Cake’, the bank along with its advertising agency Mindshare Dubai, brings out how its no mean feat to achieve ambition and success, and how HSBC has been an important ‘ingredient’ in supporting human ambitions.

“I think the concept of the video is a beautiful analogy to what people go through while trying to achieve their ambitions. At HSBC, we are proud to have supported people achieve their ambitions for 70 years in the UAE,” said Ajay Keerthy, Head of Marketing, HSBC UAE & MENA.

The agency chose the concept of baking a cake, not only because a cake is synonymous to celebration but also because food recipes trend and evoke curiosity. “HSBC heritage and understanding of the UAE culture is truly remarkable for a global bank, we believe the narrative and work expressed on the HSBC 70th year anniversary video really spoke to the diversity of consumers that live in the UAE, and further reinforced the HSBC message of supporting human ambition,” commented Zahi Lawand, Deputy Managing Director, Mindshare UAE.

Advertised brand: HSBC (UAE)
Advertising Agency: Mindshare, Dubai, UAE
Regional Head of Innovation: Tuki Ghiassi
Manager – Invention: Ammar Safi
Deputy Managing Director: Zahi Lawand
Client Lead Director: Faris Sibai
Senior Media Manager: Heba Attallah
Integrated Media Planner: George Chivi
Copywriter(s): Tuki Ghiassi, Maha Khawaja
Director: Shane Martin
Director Of Photography: Zubin Mistry
Producer: Daniel Kilalea
Production Manager: Hanna Paronen
2nd Unit Camera: Ian Murphy
Food Stylist: Juleta Hirner
Production Company: Boomtown Productions

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