Infographic: MEA Second Highest Region In Mobile Ad Blocking

Ad blocking continues to be a hurdle that marketers and related professionals will encounter in the year ahead. In the last year, various regions have responded to ad blocking differently in pace but similar in the fact that each region has seen an increase in the adoption of mobile ad blocking.

In the case of personal systems of laptops, North America leads ad blocking trends. The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region ranks low in the order yet, according to data from Global Web Index with only 33 percent of online audiences blocking ads on laptops.

The situation changes considerably however when ad blocking on mobile is observed. MEA is the second largest region blocking ads on mobile. At one level, for marketers in the region, this is an area of concern, especially given the fact that mobile has already become a primary device for most of the important markets in the region. At another level, given the minuscule spends towards mobile in the region, marketers may still have some time to decode the right marketing solutions on mobile.
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