Omantel Says Put Ramadan’s ‘Extra Time’ To Good Use

Typically, Ramadan is not a big advertising occasion in Oman, but this year,
Omantel tasked Leo Burnett with developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform that would help improve brand perception.

The campaign that included a series of films since launch built on the insight that media consumption pattern changes in Ramadan. Through its research, Omantel found that there is a perception that people have extra time during Ramadan, since most go home early from work or school.

Data suggests that at present, many end up spending this ‘extra time’ binging Netflix and YouTube videos or sleeping. This is backed by research that shows a huge spike in content consumption during Ramadan.

The campaign is a call for people to give their extra time to do something good, by highlighting stories of real Omanis who live by this and use their ‘extra time’ outside of their day jobs to inspire all to make the best of the time we have. Since time is something nobody owns, but everyone can give.

The hero documentaries included in the campaign are as follows:

Story of Khalid: Fixed wheelchairs
Story of Sarah: Spends time with children at cancer hospitals
Story of Reem: Lawyer who does pro bono work

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