Publicis Groupe Gamifies Maurice Levy’s 2015 Annual Wishes

Publicis Groupe gave a gaming twist to its annual wishes this year, that are conveyed by its Chairman and CEO Maurice Lévy. A tradition that began as a simple recorded message from Mr Lévy to the Groupe, has since 2008, become a yearly rendezvous, rooted in what the Groupe sees as creativity, innovation and technology.

This year, Publicis Groupe launched the ‘The Very Good Wishes’ for 2015 by making a donation to the children served by Make-A-Wish, an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions in nearly 50 countries around the world.


Maurice Levy Good Wishes

The Groupe made the New Year wishes interactive with a unique concept of playing a game while Mr Lévy gives his wishes. Once synchronized with a user’s smartphone, the video gives a chance to the viewer to grab something in Mr Levy’s office with a claw – the prize includes any from tons of lions lying on his desk, and if you are good at the game you can even grab Mr Lévy’s personal belongings like Publicis Group’s keys, Maurice Levy’s speech notes or Maurice Lévy himself.

Here are some facts about the video:

Tech Facts:
• This is the first YouTube video game controlled by a mobile/tablet device, another original technology
developed by DigitasLBi France.
• The joystick functionality controlling the video uses the accelerometer feature on a smartphone.
• This experience is made up with 290 sub videos, creating the interactivity of the experience.
• A month of tests and engineering was necessary for the development and creation of the carnival claw.
• Mr Lévy’s office was recreated in 3D to test the behavior of the clamp before the shooting.

Key Facts:
• More than 1,000 stuffed animals were present during the shooting (none of them were harmed).
• The storm scene finally succeeded at messing up Mr Lévy’s hair.
• The Cannes Lion present in the video is the real one awarded in 2013 for ‘The Human YouTube Player’.
• The musical signature of the wishes is the same used in ‘The More The Merrier’, re-orchestrated in a fun-fair style.
• This is the first ever Publicis Groupe wishes that is both an interactive video game and a charitable experience.
• There are a total of 30 items to catch in Mr Lévy’s office, and nine hidden catches (you’ll see when you get one!)

While you play the game, Mr Lévy gives out his annual wish speaking about how the past year has been for the Publicis Groupe along with informing on the new ventures like the joining of Sapient with Public Groupe.

All said and done, this year’s New Year wish by Publicis Groupe couldn’t have been more entertaining and exciting showing the witty and fun side of Maurice Lévy.

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