Socialbakers Puts The Focus On Content & Data At EngageX

The combination of content and data can lead to incremental growth. Or so believes Socialbakers, whose upcoming forum EngageX makes this argument. Scheduled to take place on November 9, 2017, the conference’s theme revolves around creating smart content through insights from data.

The forum will focus on how marketers can leverage their social media insights to create content that effectively engages and grows audiences.

In addition to experts from Socialbakers itself, the half-day forum will also feature names such as Farah Al-Ibrahim, the head of social media at Alarabiya TV, who will speak on the importance of native content on social media.

Chadi Antonios, Director – Strategic Partnerships, Pixelbug will highlight storytelling through augmented reality.

The managing director of 1000heads, Manuel Schmidt, will address the topic: ‘Jaw-droppers and thumb-stoppers: A guide to getting it right on social’.

Also speaking at the forum will be the leadership team at Socialbakers including the firm’s director Christian Bechara, the chief product evangelist, Moses Velasco and the global head of pre-sales, Fedor Filimonov.

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