Become A Puppetmaster With Ooredoo’s Football Campaign ‘Fans Do Wonders’

Telecom Operator Ooredoo, the official sponsor of Paris Saint-Germain, has unveiled Fans Do Wonders, a star-filled new TV campaign featuring Paris Saint-Germain football legends such as Zlatan Ibrahimović and David Luiz. The 60-second TVC depicts fans puppeteering a match through their mobile devices.

The campaign, conceived by M&C Saatchi MENA and production house Clandestino Films, relies heavily on advanced VFX technology to execute the ambitious creative idea. Creative production outfit ‘The Ambassadors’ was brought on-board to bring the action to life, utilizing CGI replication.

“This campaign will be one of our most significant global initiatives to date, as we reach out to young fans around the world. Paris Saint-Germain are one of the top teams of the moment, and working with them gives Ooredoo the chance to share our message of enriching people’s lives through technology. We are working to support our customers’ digital lifestyles across our footprint, and this campaign is an excellent platform to showcase our bigger, faster networks,” commented Nasser Marafih, Group CEO, Ooredoo.

In order to portray the legend-heavy match taking place at Paris Saint-Germain’s home stadium, every element, from the stadium to the individual audience members, is seen replicated in the commercial. Together with director Augusto Fraga, The Ambassadors’ VFX Supervisor Halbo van der Klaauw had only 40-minutes to film each player in a green screen studio.

“It’s quite an art to get the most out of working with big stars, as you are always challenged by their extremely tight timeframes. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to bring in The Ambassadors, as they’re currently building a rather impressive reputation for working with celebrity football players. You really have to utilize your time well, so, by bringing them in as early as possible in the process, we could be sure that we would get the most out of the limited amount of time we had with the players,” shared Mr Fraga.

“In preparation for the actual shoot in the green studio, we practiced with stand-in actors to make sure that we would get exactly what we needed out of the 40-minutes we had with each player. From featuring the biggest football legends in the world, to advanced CGI crowd replications, this spot was exactly the sort of thing that we love to do,” added Mr Klaauw.

“The team at Clandestino is extremely satisfied with the remarkable post-production work The Ambassadors has achieved. It was a pleasure working with everyone,” concluded Ray Barakat, Partner and Executive Producer, Clandestino Films.

The team also composed and produced an original music track in-house to reflect the pace and vibrance of the game. All in all, the TVC gives you the thrill and excitement that every football players feels while watching their favorite sport.


Client: Ooredoo Group
Agency: M&C Saatchi – MENA
Production House: Clandestino Films
Director: Augusto Fraga
DOP: Julian Hohndorf
Executive Producer: Ray Barakat
Editor: Marcos Castiel
VFX Company: The Ambassadors
Music: The Ambassadors
Sound Design: Velocity – Philip Khayat

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