#OnTheCouchWith: Matt Horobin Of Dubai Airports

This is a busy time of the year for Dubai Airports, as its a great time to engage with travellers and its the first view of Dubai-The-Brand for many. Gilles and I were #onthecouchwith Matt Horobin, Director, Brand & Digital, Dubai Airports to dig into his mind to see what’s coming next.

Matt has a level tone, a voice of sincerity which lends itself an air of measured consideration. In other words, he’s thought about these things a lot.

In his last episode, episode 41, Matt speaks candidly about his career and and how he sees the world. Here, Matt gives his advice to the next generation: stop seeing life as being built on a singular career path. Instead become more valuable in today’s world by zig-zagging.

It is this need for diversification that Matt sees all around. He calls Dubai “a platform for the future” where growth can happen faster than elsewhere and where collaboration is key to moving forward. The region may not have focused on talent acquisition and retention. But it is now that, as the world falters, Dubai continues to grow.

Growth in technology is helping brands create experiences that we can feel and sense without removing human connection.

But the data that emanates from everything can be daunting. Now is the time to think small data, not big data, to create a better experience and more efficient operation. This gives a chance to build a targeted approach to content, for example.

Audiences might be time poor today, so targeting will allow us to create meaningful experiences. In Episode 39, he talks about examples of how passengers can be targeted to be surprised and delighted.

The future will be need to revolve around a mobile population that is always on the move. This is what we should think of when we talk about mobile. Not the electronic device in our pocket.

Matt Horobin, in Dubai, is embracing as much change as he can and he suggests we all to do the same.

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